(B)trained (20.-22.6.2019, near Cologne)

Apr 29, 2019

885,24$ VAT excluded. Please consider prices for bulk orders or contact info@be-nrg.com for your individual quotation.

Our 3-day (B)trained biogas training is scientific, technical, practical, entrepreneurial, intercultural and a lot of fun!

It is especially designed for people who plan to start their own business with (B)energy. The training consists of a deep biogas theory insight with respect to different backgrounds, practical sessions on installing (B)energy biogas technology and a detailed sessions on how to start the business under different conditions, especially in the countries of the participants.

AND OUR (B)energy SPECIAL: Learn how to manage your business with our (B)energy installation and installer management tool – you will love it!

If you bring a friend you both save 10%!

Training Language is English.




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3 days is recommended for all new business partners

For Importers

Importers become the center of (B)energy in a country. They make the technology available for installers and customers. It is important that importers learn about biogas and the technology in detail before starting their business. This makes everything much smoother once their business starts.

For agents

Agents are typically small scale importers who also take the role of installing the technology for their customers directly. A good knowledge base is key to success of this interesting business model!