Oct 05, 2017

61,48$ VAT excluded. Please consider prices for bulk orders or contact info@be-nrg.com for your individual quotation.


The (B)pack stores biogas. It fills up with biogas through pressure equalization between the backpack and any biogas digester. The backpack straps allow an easy transport of the (B)pack which facilitates the sale of biogas. When used for cooking the (B)pack is connected to a biogas stove and the gas is pushed out by placing a weight on the bag.

Before usage please consider the country’s rules and regulations regarding the transport of biogas in flexible bags.



The Biogas Backpack is equipped with a ball valve and 2 backpack straps.




Bulk Product Offers

Min BuyMax BuyOffer
1 units 2 units50 EUR Fixed Price
3 units 7 units43.50 EUR Fixed Price
8 units 49 units39.50 EUR Fixed Price

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 1.6 x 2 m

– Dimension: 1.6 x 2.0 m.
– Capacity: 1 m3.
– Light weight: 3.5 kg.
– External pressure resistance: 30.000 daN.
– Internal pressure resistance: 0.5 bar.
– Limited permeability: 0.07% methane/day.


Compared to gas cylinder or piping systems:

– Low tech, no additional equipment or electricity required
– Easy to understand and safe (TÜV tested)
– Sale by unit, easy pricing
– patented

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