Jan 29, 2018

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The (B)flame is a special biogas stove: it is sold as assembly kit, this means in its individual parts, which are assembled by the user. It comes without stove frame and can be used either without frame or it can be combined with a stove frame that suits cooking habits and design preferences of the customer. Due to its simplicity it is easily understood by users, it can be combined with the biogas backpack and it can be easily moved. The burner size can be adapted to different pot sizes by changing the burner disks.


  • 2 burner discs
  • gas distribution bolt
  • elbow
  • mixing tube
  • venturi valve with primary air inlet
  • ball valve

Bulk Product Offers

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1 units 2 units33.00 EUR Fixed Price
3 units 7 units25.00 EUR Fixed Price
8 units 49 units20.00 EUR Fixed Price





high stove frame                                                                                       no stove frame                                                                                              table stove frame


Benin, (B)flame in rim of tire, © ReBin

Rwanda, angle iron frame

Mali, old charcoal stove,  © Africa GreenTec





Additional information

Weight 1 kg

– Efficiency: 53 – 56%
– Consumption: 400 L biogas/h
– Power: 2.2 kW
– Required min. pressure: 1 mbar
– Very even flame distribution

ADVANTAGES (Medium burner size)

Compared to common biogas stoves
– local assembly
– comes without stove frame – can be used directly on the ground
– can be combined with locally adapted stove frames
– burner size adjustable to pot size
– simple spare parts
– patented

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