(B)best biogas system

Apr 12, 2019

568,64$ VAT excluded. Please consider prices for bulk orders or contact info@be-nrg.com for your individual quotation.


1 x digester bag 1.5 x 6 m, 3.000L substrate capacity
3 x biogas backpack
2 x biogas stove assembly kit
1 x greenhouse cover
access to mobile app
access to online training

The (B)best Biogas system can be bought as a set of different components. It includes the (B)plant biogas digester, 3 (B)pack biogas backpacks, 2 (B)flame biogas stove assembly kits and gives access to our mobile app and a detailed biogas online training. This is a service of (B)energy that should allow you to install, operate and maintain your biogas system without external support. However, in case of any questions, you can contact (B)energy via the app.



Our (B)plant is a low tech plug flow system for the production of biogas from organic waste. It consists of a flexible bag connected to an inlet drum and an overflow outlet pipe as well as a gas pipe that leads the gas to the biogas backpack and/or storage bag. The digester bag is placed inside a greenhouse for UV protection and solar heating. Required ambient temperature: > 25°C, or >16°C and at least 3-5 h of sunshine per day. This technology is not suitable for cold climates.




Additional information

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 1.20 x 0.4 x 0.4 m

1.5 x 6 m area size, 3 m³ substrate capacity, biogas production capacity up to 2.500L of biogas per day depending on input substrate