Presentation at the “fair week” in Gevelsberg

Sep 24, 2020

“During her presentation, Katrin Pütz also explicitly addressed the living situation of people in poorer and more remote countries. The misunderstanding of what she called the “bright world” in relation to the “dark world” is a recurring theme for numerous aid organisations. Just as financial development aid, which often ends up in the wrong place, does not help people by giving them, for example, improved cook stoves, according to Katrin Pütz. Instead of always accepting aid, she says, people should be able to do something themselves. That is why she sells the mobile biogas technology – consisting of a biogas bag digester, a biogas backpack and a biogas burner – only to local business partners, with the aim that especially those people who are currently treated completely undignified due to their poverty can change their situation themselves by accessing these possibilities.”

copy right André Sicks