Greenpeace Magazin

Aug 15, 2020
GREENPEACE MAGAZINE – we are honored to be featured in the current Greenpeace magazine!
“Instead of being supplied with biogas technology through aid projects, interested users buy the equipment from our local sales partners. They recover the investment by selling surplus biogas (in the biogas backpack) and then make a profit”.
“Biogas is not new to Africa. There are national biogas programmes and aid projects that have been subsidising the technology with foreign money or even giving it away for years,” explains Katrin Pütz. Even free appliances would not solve the problem. “The recipients remain dependent on external support,” says Pütz. “Development aid rather distorts the market so that an independent market cannot develop.”
I wish we could all join forces in developing a fair biogas market without aid involvement – everybody who agrees and wants to see honest and sustainable development – JOIN US!!!