The (B)plant is our biogas production unit. It is semi-mobile, quick to install and affordable.


The (B)plant is an above-ground plug-flow system. The material enters the digester on one side, flows through the digester as a “plug” and exits on the opposite side without being mixed with the partly or already fermented substrate. Thus, agitation is not required for the functioning of the process.


The (B)plant is placed inside a greenhouse which serves two purposes: it heats up the ambient temperature around the digester and it protects the digester from external impacts and direct sunlight. During sunshine it becomes very warm inside the greenhouse (up to 60°C), which makes the (B)plant very efficient and the retention time becomes much shorter than in underground digesters.


 To get a feeling how much our smallest (B)plant can produce, these are the characteristics of our system (B)brave:

2 m³ active substrate volume

2.0 x 5.0 m required area size

daily input: 20 kg cow dung

daily output: up to 1 m³ biogas

hydraulic retention time: 30 days 


(B)best: 1.5 x 6 m, volume 3.5m³, max. daily input 55 kg cow dung, 55L liquid, gas output up to 2.5m³/day

(B)clever: 2 x 6 m, volume 5m³, max. daily input 85 kg cow dung, 85L liquid, gas output up to 4 m³/day

Prices vary depending on version, country and installation location. The biogas digester is especially designed for export outside of the EU. Please send us a request to info@be-nrg.com



storage and transport of biogas in the big, durable, light and comfortable (B)pack


The (B)pack is the key for biogas business – it can hold 1.2 m³ of biogas, can be easily transported and disconnects biogas use from its production site. It automatically inflates when connected to a (B)plant and releases the gas for cooking when weighted down. Its operation and handling are very easy to understand.


 The (B)pack is patented and TÜV tested, thus certified to be save for the storage and transport of biogas. The used material is strong and durable and biogas is not explosive under (B)pack conditions. There is no risk for explosion, even when a fully inflated (B)pack is put onto an open fire source.

ATTENTION!  always keep the backpack outside the house, do not store in closed rooms.  In case of leakage this is where an explosive mixture could form!
There is no risk for explosion – see video here 


 1.2 m³ (1200 l) volume

 4.5 kg weight

 for 2-4 h cooking

 inflates by pressure equalization

simple to understand



Prices vary depending on order size. The biogas backpack is especially designed for export outside of the EU. Please send us a request to info@be-nrg.com.



cooking on this unique biogas stove (B)flame changes your life


In the (B)flame biogas appears in its most beautiful way – as a warm, blue flame.  Together with the (B)pack the (B)flame brings cooking biogas also to households that do not have their own biogas system or the substrate to operate one.


Different versions – from simple to comfortable – provide choice for the user. The kit is assembled locally, the stand is completely manufactured in local workshops. 


designs for small and medium budget

for household or institutional use

equipped with a ball valve

locally manufactured


Prices depend on order size and assembly kit version, please send us your request to info@be-nrg.com.




The individual (B)products are combined to the unique mobile biogas!



Biogas Calculator

The biogas calculator can help you to get a first feeling for how much biogas you could produce from available substrate.

Click here to download the biogas calculator and test out your biogas potential!