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Germany-Land of Ideas Award 2017

100 innovative ideas are being awarded in Berlin at this moment! (B)energy is very honored to be one of them in the…

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places we have energized

Mobile Biogas and Solar Container, Mali

Waste management and biogas sale, Toffo, Benin

Biogas for Refugees, Ethiopia

Biogas Sale is a Business, Arsinegele, Ethiopia

Biogas for CITY-zens, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

School Biogas, Kirenge, Rwanda

Mobile Biogas, Malata, Malawi

Gaushala, Orchha, India

Neighbourhood business, Nakuru, Kenya

Out of University, Bukavu, DR Congo

Who we are?

Meet the (B)ENERGIZERs

This is our energizing team! We put all our energy into developping innovative biogas products for entrepreneurs and households in rural Africa. Our ultimate goal is to make our biogas products accessible in rural Africa.

Not only our products, but the business opportunities we create make the difference!

member photo

Katrin Puetz

THE IDEA-er: Why should biogas depend on aid and subsidy? Make it mobile and a business!
member photo

Yodit Balcha

THE REALIZ-er: Want to ensure cooking energy in rural Africa? Create Opportunities and Ownership!

Meet our partners


(B)energy is a young business which provides households in rural Africa access to biogas for cooking in an innovative manner

mobile biogas solutions


Our production line

from wet cow dung to biogas and fertilizer to clean biogas cooking

fresh cow dung and urine, organic waste and waste water, plant residues and rain water are turned into a flammable gas inside the biogas digester

Our social business model

gives biogas producers the opportunity to become biogas suppliers to neighbours and community members

our strategy

Bringing biogas for cooking to the market

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We are an enthusiastic team making a difference in rural Africa


A Social Business
making biogas accessible

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