become part of (B)energy

to become a franchisee we give you the opportunity to test the market for (B)products with the (B)ginner-Kit of 10 systems and a professional training

getting started

1. 10 complete biogas systems
One system contains the following components: a plug flow biogas digester (B)plant for about 100L of daily input substrate, 3 biogas backpacks (B)pack, (3 biogas stoves (B)flame). A package of 10 such systems is delivered to the (B)ginner.

2. One professional (B)energizer
The (B)energizer will visit the new (B)ginner in her/his country and provide all necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to establish and run the new biogas business. One total systems will be set up and its operation will be practiced together including the installation of the digester, the connections and piping, the fill‐up of the (B)packs and the use of the (B)flame.

3. Promotion Material
The (B)ginner has gained all necessary knowledge and is equipped with all the components needed to start her/his own biogas business. Now the promotion of the very new idea and technology can start by approaching potential customers with promotion material, but also by selling biogas from the demonstration site. With the sale, installation, service of the remaining 9 systems the initial investment is mostly recovered.

after successfully implementing the (B)ginner-Kit you have the chance to continue selling (B)products in your country by becoming a social franchisee

to be continued

Social franchise is our commercial approach for greater social impact!

Our (B)franchisees go into business for themselves, but not by themselves. We provide them with all necessary hardware and software to replicate and further develop (B)energy worldwide.

Franchising is a very sustainable form of self-employment: 90% of franchise businesses still exist after 5 years. This is the reason for (B)energy to choose this approach of scaling up – low risk for our (B)franchisees, learnings and experience are used efficiently and passed on, little experience, training and capital are required to start.

Start with our (B)ginner-Kit to become a (B)franchisee!


It is typically the customers of (B)ginners and (B)franchisees who become biogas entrepreneurs by investing into (B)energy’s biogas technology. They produce gas, fill it into (B)packs and sell it.

Sale of biogas

the entrepreneurs can be farmers with animals, restaurant owners with toilet users, hotel owners with kitchen waste or a single person with no organic waste at all.

the customers are people with energy expenses for less clean and less comfortable energy sources and a need for fertilizer.

the business model shows how all these customers can employ our technology in a way that they produce biogas and fertilizer for sale. The revenue and pay-back period of the investment highly depend on the price the biogas can be sold for.

Grafik de-centralized plants_invert

The business scale depends on the availability of substrate and customers.

(B)energy is an idea factory – ideas just come flying out of us, but sometimes we cannot realize all of them. But we don’t want to loose them! Our (B)angels make it possible!

choice of ideas

Here is a choice of ideas still looking for their realizing (B)angel:

use-of-free-money revolution: As social business we do not allow the use of free money in our business activities – but we do not want to  reject generous financial support per se. Currently we are working on setting up a revolving fund, which can provide (B)franchisees as well as (B)entrepreneurs with a (B)energy loan. An experienced (B)angel is needed to help us set this up.

freight killer: people with a good nose – we need to kill the freight killer! Freight of the systems from Germany to our (B)ginners and (B)franchisees worldwide is often more expensive than the products. This is not acceptable and there must be a better way! We need a creative (B)angel who is innovative enough to try ways to organise consolidation of freight, find ways how to tap individual free luggage allowances, or, or, or…

– methane content test burner (topic for M.Sc. Thesis): measuring methane content in biogas requires expensive instruments or at least a laboratory. We have an idea how this can be done more easily and even in the field. This is a real challenge for a creative engineering student, because simple things are not always simple to develop! But it is possible!

(B)flame to world: If somebody in Europe wants to cook with biogas he or she has a problem: there is no certified biogas stove available in the market. This needs to change! (B)energy would like to produce the (B)flame in a central place, reaching quality and standards in compliance with EU regulations. The technical (B)angel we are looking for should find out the requirements and be able to modify the existing (B)flame for the EU market. Afterwards we are aiming to find a partner company for mass production of the low cost, high quality, practical design biogas stove – ideally a company interested in opening a social business branch for biogas stoves! Then all (B)ginners and (B)franchisees can be supplied with the same (B)flame!

(B)ranching out

(B)ranching out is a one-time investment which allows you as inventors or producers of products for basic supply to test your product in a new and untapped market – or test the market for your product – with minimal effort, cost and risk.

Within (B)ranching out, your company invests into a special branch office – your shared branch office with (B)energy in a country where (B)energy is represented by a franchisee. The (B)energy branch will be branded with your company name or logo and will market your product for you. The basis for this service is an agreement with (B)energy for (B)ranching out for one year.

Why (B)ranching Out?

  1. Because it gives you the chance to enter a new market at minimal risk and effort
  2. It is an investment into your own local office in a country where (B)energy is represented by a franchisee
  3. It will help your company to develop, plan and market test your product/service through a reliable business entity that is already in place
  4. It helps you to easily connect with (B)energy’s established customers
  5. It contributes to an improved basic supply situation for BoP target groups
  6. It will therefore support a reliable reputation to capitalise and build on
  7. You get the chance to draw a valuable experience as basis for a joint or independent scaling up



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