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an agent is an independent entrepreneur who works as promoter, installer and/or dealer of (B)energy products.

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Installers are independent entrepreneurs who run a very flexible business of installing and maintaining biogas systems. They promote the technology, find customers, organize the installation material and settle payments from customers. (B)energy will provide support with getting access to the technology, training and the necessary entrepreneurial spirit.


Promoters are marketing experts who have one crucial job: raise awareness about the technology, approach potential customers, inform and advise them, design a business and user case for the customer’s individual situation and find a way for them to access a biogas system.


Importers import biogas plants, backpacks and stove parts in larger quantities and make them available for local installers and customers. They run a simple storage where the material is kept. Additionally they register installers and and sell systems through the installers to end customers.

after successfully running a business as installer or dealer an agent has the opportunity to become a licensed manufacturer of (B)products

to be continued

Franchisees are one step ahead in the development of a local (B)energy representation. They produce the individual components of (B)energy’s biogas technology locally. To do this, they have to invest in machinery, material and additional training. It is in the interest of (B)energy to move the value chain to the destination country and thus create more local jobs as well as reduce product cost.


(B)entrepreneurs are the real biogas people, they produce biogas and sell it by the biogas backpack!

Sale of biogas

the entrepreneurs can be farmers with animals, restaurant owners with toilet users, hotel owners with kitchen waste or a single person with no organic waste at all.

the customers are people with energy expenses for less clean and less comfortable energy sources, who suffer from indoor air pollution and who are in need of organic fertilizer.

the business model shows how the technology can be employed to produce, sell and use biogas and fertilizer. The revenue or savings depend on the prices for biogas and fertilizer in each particular case. The pay-back period of a full biogas installation is usually between 1 and 2 years.

Grafik de-centralized plants_invert

The business scale depends on the availability of substrate and customers.

(B)energy is an idea factory – short of people… But our (B)angels make them a reality!

choice of ideas

Here is a choice of ideas still looking for their realizing (B)angel:

freight killer: logistics experts – we need to kill the freight killer! Freight of the systems from Germany to our agents worldwide is often more expensive than the products themselves. This is not acceptable and there must be a better way! We need a creative (B)angel who is innovative enough to try ways to organise consolidation of freight, find ways how to tap individual free luggage allowances, bring in a strong logistics partner, etc…

– online training: our online training needs support – especially editing of videos and making it available to our installers is currently a challenge where we could really need another expert

– marketing material: not as boring as it sounds: The markets we work in are extremely divers and it is important to adapt the materials to the different countries, cultures, languages. No pressure, but lots of opportunity!

and so many more: Anyone who would like to make a contribution to (B)energy is welcome to contact us at any time. There is a special task for every expert, every area and almost every interest. We also gladly accept ideas!

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